Definition Distress Hoodie - Purple
Definition Distress Hoodie - Purple
Definition Distress Hoodie - Purple

Definition Distress Hoodie - Purple

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Product Details:

  • Front - Embroidered "Revolution" Block Work Design
  • Back - Revolution Definition Denim Printed Back
  • Back - Denim back is cut and stitched in order for the denim to distress.
  • With every wash your hoodie will have a more vintage look.
  • 80% - Cotton
  • 20% - Polyester

Fit Guide : Model Size: 6 '2 Size M


Definition Distress Hoodie (Purple)

If you're looking to prove your revolutionary spirit in style, look no further than the Definition Distress Hoodie by UBUNTU Revolution. This awesome piece of outerwear comes in deep purple with an embroidered "Revolution" blockwork design in front and a denim-printed back boasting the revolution definition. Crafted from thick but comfy cotton, it's sure to be a staple of your wardrobe whether you're making a statement or just trying to stay warm. Step into that true rebellious spirit and grab yours today!

What is the definition of distress?

Distress is more than a word; it's an emotion. It is defined as the state of being in an acute difficulty or great distress, especially mental distress. UBUNTU Revolution took distress and made history by transforming it into something positive and beautiful - an eye-catching purple distress hoodie. This hoodie has been designed to represent resilience and self-love by symbolizing distress as strength not defeat. The idea behind this extraordinary piece of clothing is to rise above distress and allow courage, confidence, and hope to stand out instead. UBUNTU's purple distress hoodie is here to ignite long lasting change by supporting those going through difficult times with a unique and powerful message - distress is not defeat!