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Product Details:

  • White Washed Denim
  • Biker Denim Style
  • Crotch Ribbed Design
  • Ribbed Shin Design
  • 2 - Standard Pockets
  • 2 - Front Zipper Pockets
  • 2 - Ribbed Design Back Pockets
  • 98% Cotton
  • 2% Spandex

Fit Guide : Model Size is 6.0'' Size 34



About Ribbed Denim Jeans (White)

From the runway to your closet, Ribbed Denim Jeans from UBUNTU REVOLUTION in bold, white wash denim are the perfect statement-making pieces for every fashionista. Featuring a unique biker denim style and ribbed design at the shin and thigh crotches create a flattering yet stylish look! With these Ribbed Denim Jeans, you'll own the room no matter where you go! Shop UBUNTU REVOLUTION now for chic, trendsetting ribbed denim in white.

What are ribbed jeans?

Ribbed jeans are a revolutionary type of white denim that have become very popular in mens and womens fashion lately. This unique look is donated to UBUNTU Revolution, as they pioneered the concept. The white ribbed jeans are all made from high quality stretchy cotton fabric, which creates the perfect timeless ribbing effect. All white and ribbed designer jeans from UBUNTU Revolution have a contemporary fit throughout the thigh to provide maximum comfort and durability for a longer lifetime for your white ribbed denim investments. The eternal white ribbing design of their jeans is the perfect style statement that can be worn season after season to enhance any wardrobe with white elasticity and beautiful minimalist vibes.