Product Details:

  • Grey Stone Washed Denim
  • Biker Denim Style
  • Crotch Ribbed Design
  • Grinding Accents 
  • Ribbed Shin Design
  • 2 - Standard Pockets
  • 2 - Front Zipper Pockets
  • 2 - Ribbed Design Back Pockets
  • 75% Cotton
  • 23% Polyester
  • 2% Spandex

Fit Guide : Model Size is 6.0'' Size 34



About Ribbed Denim Jeans (Black)

For an edgy and modern look, Ribbed Denim Jeans from UBUNTU REVOLUTION are perfect! Crafted with crafted with grey stone washed denim, these jeans provide a sleek and stylish look.  The biker-style denim includes a ribbed crotch design and grinding accents. Ribbing along the shin adds to the overall unique design of these Ribbed Denim Jeans, giving you a one-of-a-kind look every time you wear them! Get ready for your next revolution with UBUNTU REVOLUTION.

What are ribbed jeans?

When the world talks about black ribbed designer denim jeans, UBUNTU Revolution is a sure name that comes to mind. UBUNTU has recently become one of the most iconic fashion brands for ribbed black denim wear. But before jumping into the black ribbed jeans bandwagon, it's important to understand what exactly ribbed jeans are. Ribbed jeans are a popular type of denim wear which feature different panels and horizontal ribs throughout. These rib panels combined with fabric stretching boosts mobility and brings forth limitless style options - very much in line with UBUNTU’s brand aesthetics! Their black ribbed jeans not only portray top-notch quality but also boasts maximum comfort. Without doubt, UBUNTU Revolution is taking the world by storm — each collection offering something truly special when it comes to black ribbed designer denim jeans!