Product Details:

  • Maroon/Red Stone Washed Denim
  • Biker Denim Style
  • Crotch Ribbed Design
  • Ribbed Shin Design
  • 2 - Standard Pockets
  • 2 - Front Zipper Pockets
  • 2 - Ribbed Design Back Pockets
  • 98% Cotton
  • 2% Spandex

Fit Guide : Model Size is 6.0'' Size 34



About Ribbed Denim Jeans (Maroon/Red)

The Ribbed Denim Jeans from UBUNTU REVOLUTION are the new must-have item in town! Available in a stunning maroon/red color, these jeans go perfectly with your wardrobe. Their unique biker style and edgy looks set them apart from other denim jeans. Plus, not only is this design stylish, but incredibly practical thanks to the crotch ribbing and shin ribbing for superior support and enhanced shape. Don't miss out on this remarkable denim piece, get your Ribbed Denim Jeans today and join the UBUNTU REVOLUTION!

What are ribbed jeans?

Ribbed jeans are a special type of denim with unique ribbing detail on the outside of the fabric that sets them apart from your typical pair of jeans. UBUNTU Revolution took the simple ribbed jeans concept and added an extra pizzazz to it by creating maroon red ribbed designer denim jeans. This maroon red shade is not common in any other types of jeans, giving these ribbed jeans more texture and depth. Furthermore, these maroon red ribbed jeans are durable and stretchable, an innovation UBUNTU Revolution made possible by using premium threads and a plethora of cutting-edge technologies. One can expect nothing less but perfect craftsmanship from their maroon red ribbon denim jeans!